Our History

By owning two dogs they showed me that my true passion in life is to provide for pets and pet owners to improve the wellness of their short lives. As a dog owner, thinking about them passing away from the short lives they live make me realize that I should always give them my 100%. This is when I decided to shop for higher quality clothes, leashes and collars but it was impossible for me to find what I was looking for, especially for my larger breed dogs as most brands focus on smaller breeds. This is when I created OULF, a brand that is built on the basis of quality over volume. Our products are carefully curated to perfectly match the expectations of the our customers and we pay attention-to-detail to every single product release. With our main focus being larger breeds as they have a lot less choices compared to smaller breeds when it comes to shopping. We are more then just a brand and we want to be a part of the dog community where we can truly make a change.
- Justin Chen , Founder